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IGNITE in Boston

May 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

This past weekend, almost 30 people convened to sweat for a cause at the IGNITE workout fundraiser event on Saturday, May 7th at The Phoenix CrossFit Community Center in Boston and helped raise more than $1,530 for Forging Youth Resilience.

Photos by Patrick Quinn-Paquet Photography.

An Exciting New Partnership in Boston

CrossFit Seminar Staff⁣ and The Phoenix CrossFit Program Manager Larry Thomas kicked off the event by welcoming attendees – a diverse group comprised of local gym owners and athletes, NOBULL team members, volunteers from The Phoenix, FYR, and The CrossFit Foundation.

 “I’m here supporting FYR and The Phoenix. I love both organizations, and it is really special to see this come together. FYR is doing a great job working with the youth of our nation.”
– Josh Murphy, President, CrossFit Foundation

Games Athletes Paying it Forward

CrossFit Games athletes Amanda Barnhart and Chandler Smith took a break from semifinals training to support the event and join in for the workout.

“I actually started CrossFit when I was younger, when I was 16, and I was lucky to have a lot of really great role models at the gym I started at. A space like this, where young adults get to be around adults who are making good decisions will help them make good decisions. I wouldn’t be where I am without having met a lot of those folks that I met when I was younger. Hopefully, this will provide an opportunity for the next generation to do the same.”
– Chandler Smith, CrossFit Games Athlete

Connecting Fitness to Mental Health

Participants were asked to reflect on how being part of a fitness community has positively impacted their mental health, as the event took place on National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day and National Fitness Day.

Introducing a Boston FYR Club

Not only was the event one of many IGNITE workout fundraisers taking place in gyms across the country throughout May, but also an opportunity for the Boston fitness community to join forces as FYR plans to launch a new Local Club at The Phoenix in Boston.

“I am most excited to share that we are in the process of establishing a club here in Boston that will hold classes here at The Phoenix!”
– Mason Alberts, Executive Director, FYR

Taking on the IGNITE Workout

Coaches from The Phoenix led the group through two heats of the IGNITE workout. Special guest Amanda Barnhart reflected on the workout.

“It was a burner! 21 thrusters, not too bad, I love thrusters. The burpees hurt pretty much right away. I was able to catch my breath a little on the sit-ups, and then go back for the 15. It’s a super fun workout and obviously I love cleans, so the cleans at the end was the best part.”
– Amanda Barnhart, CrossFit Games Athlete

Thank You to Our Partners

After the workout, participants cooled off with beverages generously provided by O2 Recovery.

Get Involved

Donate to the IGNITE campaign through May 31, 2022.

Volunteer in Boston! If you are a coach interested in working with Boston-area youth, or someone who might want to serve on the Boston club Board of Directors please reach out to mason@forgingyouth.org.

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