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Local Club Spotlight: FYR Aggieland

Mar 11, 2024 | Spotlight

FYR Aggieland, has been igniting positive change for youth in College Station, TX, since its inception in 2015. In this interview with the Local Club’s new leader Kimberly Joiner, we delve into the organization’s evolution, celebrating successes, navigating challenges, and exploring the visionary goals that move FYR Aggieland forward.

Tell us about FYR Aggieland!

FYR Aggieland, established in 2015 under the leadership of Rebekah Schaub for eight years, underwent a transition in June 2023 when I assumed the role of President. Since then, our focus has been on optimizing our community service. With Sawed-Off CrossFit as our host gym, the addition of bilingual coach Mayra Rios, and the dedication of our volunteers, we’ve been making headway. Overcoming transportation challenges, we’ve successfully extended our reach by offering free CrossFit Kids classes to various organizations. A local news segment in early March featuring FYR Aggieland played a pivotal role in raising awareness and engaging our community in the importance of fitness for kids.

Tell us about a success story from an athlete benefiting from your program this year.

One standout athlete is a young kid from a single-parent household with a younger sibling. He joined a year ago but faced challenges attending regularly due to transportation issues. Recently, he reached out expressing his desire to come back, and we arranged for someone to drop him off. When he entered the gym, he greeted me with a cheerful “Hi Coach Kim” and immediately inquired about the activities the other kids were engaged in. After learning they were playing tag outside, he ran outside and joined them. Throughout the class, he actively participated, enjoyed a partner workout, and later went home telling his mom how much he missed everyone. It’s simple moments like these, witnessing kids just being kids, that make coaching truly rewarding.

How have community partnerships contributed to the success of your program?

I dedicate considerable time to researching and applying for grants. A special thank you goes out to The Will Smith Foundation, Carl Charitable Foundation, and CKS Electric, as well as the generous donations from Sawed-Off CrossFit gym members.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for FYR Aggieland?

As I look ahead, the opportunity to make a positive impact on kids’ lives through FYR Aggieland is incredibly fulfilling, so much fun! It’s why I started Sawed-Off CrossFit Kids at the gym I work at. My efforts the past few months have been focused on recruiting dedicated volunteers with different skills, ranging from sports to finances and tutoring. My approach with the athletes is to treat them as I would my own children – fostering capabilities, resilience, life skills, and preparedness for the future.

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