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FYR Mindset Reps Launches Program at Platte Juvenile Correctional Facility

Feb 2, 2024 | Spotlight

At Forging Youth Resilience, we’re on a mission to make a lasting impact, and FYR Mindset Reps in Fort Collins, CO is leading the charge! This innovative program, spearheaded by founder Taylor Montey, is a unique fusion of exercise, psychotherapy, and community, aiming to ignite change and healing among the youth we serve.

Taylor Montey’s inspiration for FYR Mindset Reps stemmed from her experience coaching teens. Recognizing the willingness of young individuals to open up after a shared workout, she envisioned a program that could harness the therapeutic potential of fitness. Drawing from the personal benefits she derived from fitness and backed by research on the mental and physical advantages of exercise, Taylor founded FYR Mindset Reps with the vision of treating the whole person.

After a year of meticulous planning, FYR Mindset Reps recently launched a transformative program at the Platte Juvenile Correctional Facility. Their amazing team of coaches and counselors will be bringing two mental health and physical fitness classes a week to youth at the facility. Earlier this year, the team had the privilege of touring the Platte facility, led by one of its youth members. This firsthand experience allowed FYR leaders to better understand the unique needs and challenges these teens face.

This incredible opportunity is the result of a meaningful partnership with Platte Juvenile Correctional Facility and the generous support from The Weld County Trust grant. Thanks to their support, the FYR team is not just bringing barbells into the facility; they’re bringing hope, inspiration, and a commitment to empower the teens at Platte.

Stay tuned as FYR Mindset Reps becomes a beacon of change at Platte Juvenile Correctional Facility. Together, through exercise, psychotherapy, and community, we’re on a journey to transform lives, one teen at a time.

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