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Local Club Spotlight: FYR Boston

Apr 5, 2023 | Grey, Spotlight

Please join us in welcoming FYR Boston, in Boston, MA! We caught up with FYR Boston Founder, Amanda Bernasconi to learn more about her vision for the club.

What motivates you to work with youth in your community?

For me, seeing kids do things for the first time is an amazing privilege. Athletics can be something that opens doors for a lot of scholars but it’s also an opportunity to build lifelong friendships, get out of your comfort zone and a way to continually challenge yourself. FYR offers an opportunity for athletes to try a sport and a style of training that is an essential building block for all athletics but is often not something that is easily resourced or accessed.

How will you collaborate within your community to address a localized need?

Boston is a community rich in resources and opportunities for youth. It can be a hard playing field for new nonprofits. FYR Boston has already formed a partnership with the 3Point Foundation, who serves more than 450 youth in the Boston Public School system. Additionally, our club is in partnership with The Phoenix as well as NOBULL, both local Boston businesses vested in the betterment of the City.

What do you look forward to in the future of FYR Boston?

I look forward to seeing athletes get a taste of lifting and functional fitness and fall in love. I look forward to them bringing friends and displaying excitement to show up.

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